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My 3 Favorite Things About Galaxy’s Edge

The Atmosphere

I tend to think that some people might think I’m silly when I say things like “While on Batuu” or “I’m going to Batuu.” The thing is, it’s like my second home, and when I’m there I feel as if I’ve traveled to a far-off place where I can have exciting galactic adventures. Everything from the sights to the sounds to the smells are completely immersive to the point where you’ll actually believe that what’s happening around you is real. You become part of a story that the Batuuans (and even characters like Rey and Kylo) create in their interactions with you. It is 100% true that Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t feel like it’s any part of Disneyland and I think that one of the reasons is because it’s unlike any other land that they have created. Most other areas inside the park are made to look pristine and/or whimsical, while Galaxy’s Edge has been purposefully crafted to appear gritty and worn. From blaster scorch marks on the sides of buildings to torn flags, everything is extremely detailed and seems lived-in. Even the food is extremely unique and, although it doesn’t have that Disney-fied look or feel, it’s still pretty magical in its own way. For me, all of these things combined just make it incredibly enjoyable to be there. I’m lucky enough to be able to go to Batuu West often. Every time I enter the land, I feel a wave of emotion rush over me because years ago I would never have imagined I could know what it’s like to set foot in a galaxy far, far away.

Sharing It With Others

While I enjoy taking solo trips to Galaxy’s Edge, I also really love to go with my husband, Jason, my family and my friends! I’ve also been so thrilled to meet friends on Batuu who I’ve known online but have never before met in person. Getting to meet readers who follow my blog is always always great fun. Going to Galaxy’s Edge is, in a sense, like attending a mini Star Wars Celebration Event because it attracts fans from all over the world to celebrate something, we all love. You get to not only enjoy the experiences you’ll have with people you know but you get to make new friends as well. My husband and I have both striked up many conversations with people we don’t know, especially during the evening while we’re walking around with our lightsabers! It’s the best! Lightsabers are one of the biggest conversation-starters on Batuu. Overall, it’s a great place for Star Wars fans to make memories with each other.

Picture Perfect Spots

Since Galaxy’s Edge opened last Summer, I have been more inspired than ever to style Star Wars outfits because of how many incredible locations there are to shoot with. I style many looks on my blog and social media channels and in 2019 I put together more looks than any other year. It’s honestly because of Batuu! The architectural shapes, the textures, the props and everything else in between make for the most perfect background for my Star Wars outfits. Those aren’t the only types of pictures I like taking, however. In fact, even if I’m not shooting a look, I’m constantly taking pictures for either my own pleasure or for what I do as a Star Wars blogger. I especially love getting shots at dusk. The suns are no longer touching Batuu at this time (there are two suns on the planet), so it makes it really easy to get the perfect shot!

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