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New Star Wars Game to Arrive Fall of 2021

All right, gamers, we’ve got an update from leak source Bespin Bulletin on Instagram about upcoming Star Wars video games. EA Motive is creating a new Star Wars game that will come to us in the fall of 2021, according to their sources. We don’t know what this game will be, however. 

Bespin Bulletin can’t confirm whether another Battlefront game is coming anytime soon. With the method DICE has been following – updating the existing game rather than releasing a new one – who knows if we’ll even get another? The Bullet has heard rumors that DICE is working on a project besides Battlefield, however, so we can hold out some hope. 

The news source also reminds us the contract between Disney and EA is ending in a few short years, so if they’re going to put something new out, it will have to be within that time frame – unless, of course, they renew their contract, which is highly likely.
So, still nothing concrete or clear, but something is coming, sooner than we think. Perhaps it will be out in time for a new generation of Playstation/Xbox consoles.

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