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Star Wars Adventures Give Us Post-TRoS Content

The Rise of Skywalker left fans with some questions, including the fate of the First Order. Did they go down with the Sith fleet? Are they still hiding in other pockets of the galaxy? 

It looks like our questions will be answered by IDW in their new volume of Star Wars Adventures! The following announcement showed up on Reddit’s Star Wars leaks page:

So, now we know the First Order still has a presence in the galaxy. This may end up looking a lot like the galaxy post-RotJ, with old FO officers becoming warlords and crime syndicates fighting for control. 

This series also squashes the odd theory that Rey stays on Tatooine after TRoS, which upset many fans in the weeks following the film’s release.

It’s exciting to see sequel content coming so soon after the final saga film, and to know we get more adventures with Rey, Finn, and Poe. Who’s going to be reading with us?

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