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First Details of Upcoming Project Luminous Novels Revealed

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Project Luminous is almost here! Fans are expected to receive the first details surrounding this mysterious Star Wars publishing project starting today at 7PM PST. No concrete details have been given as of yet as to what the story could be about yet, but some are expecting it to coincide with the frequent hints of the “High Republic Era” from the most recent Star Wars comics. Hopefully, we’ll finally get the necessary details of what the story will be about later today.

However, we do have some release dates regarding some upcoming novels related to the project, including an adult, young adult, and middle grade novel, expected to release in late Summer/early Fall of this year:

Adult Novel
Young Adult
Middle Grade

No covers have been released for these titles as of yet, but I’m sure they will debut sometime later today or early tomorrow when the official announcement comes to us from Lucasfilm Publishing.

Stay tuned here for all the updates surrounding Project Luminous and more!

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