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The Force is Strong with the Star Wars: Battlefront II Age of Rebellion Update

The Force is mighty strong with the Star Wars Battlefront II update, which EA/DICE dropped today in all its glory. This is no ordinary update, folks. It’s the kind of software download worthy of being held within the archives of the Imperial stronghold on Scarif.

It’s taken nearly three years, but EA/DICE is finally getting its content on point. Who says that Lucasfilm doesn’t listen to constructive criticism?

The original trilogy, or the Age of the Rebellion, is the first Star Wars era to receive a full makeover. Here are a few of the highlights

  • 7 new Age of Rebellion Co-Op locations  
  • The brand-new Ewok Hunter
  • ISB Agent
  • 4 new blasters
  • 4 Capital Ships for Co-Op
  • Hero improvements
  • Two new maps of heroes vs. villains

My personal favorite is the addition of the Ewok hunter. Don’t let the furry teddy bear wrapper fool you – they are vicious, and we are reminded of how this primitive group was able to help bring down the mighty Empire.  

A list of full Battlefront II updates can be viewed on the EA full press release.

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