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Ben Solo’s Final Thoughts Revealed With a Resounding Reylo Moment

Those wishing for “Bendemption” in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker received it – and then some. However, Ben Solo was gone as quickly as he returned, leaving fans wanting more of the fumbling and bumbling, Han Solo-like Jedi. He truly was his father’s son, stumbling around the Sith ruins of Exegol, wasn’t he?

Adam Driver drove home his portrayal of Ben Solo without using any words at all – unless grunting indeed counts. He’s indeed that brilliant of an actor, using expression and emotion to drive home the feeling of the moment. 

Thanks to Bothan-like spies, we were able to obtain a bit more information of Ben Solo’s final thoughts, only somewhat expressed on-screen – via the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelization. These were more than just mere thoughts, but Solo’s final words telepathically, with the better half of the dyad–with Rey.

Spoilers Ahead

Brace yourselves and grab a few tissues. 

“… Ben poured everything he had into her. He found reservoirs he didn’t know he had. He gave her his full-self.” 

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

Oh my. I don’t know if my heart can take anymore after that. Ben doing the opposite of what his grandfather did when attempting to save the one he loved – a pure act of sacrificial love full of light. I’m a sucker, as I know you all are, so shall we continue? 

“And then, the wonder of wonders, she leaned forward and kissed him. A kiss of gratitude, acknowledgement of their connection, celebration that they’ve finally found each other at last.” 

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

Oh, my heavens. Reylo for the win! But, there’s more… 

“Ben smiled at her. He had given Rey back to the galaxy. It wouldn’t atone for the darkness he’d wrought, but it was what he could do.” Ben Solo had no regrets as he collapsed to the ground. The Force reached for him in welcome. His final awareness was of Rey, clasping his hand with her own.”

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

What is Rey to do, now that her one true love, the other part of the dyad in the Force now gone? Or, is she alone? 

“The girl who had felt alone all those years on Jakku had been part of a dyad the whole time. And just when she’d discovered that precious connection, that incredible oneness, it was ripped away. A voice came to her through the Force, clear and strong, I will always be with you, Ben said. She smiled. Let the truth of it was over her. “No one’s ever really gone,” she whispered. 

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition by Rae Carson

Rae Carson’s writing style in just these few phrases manifests why Lucasfilm chose her for The Rise of Skywalker novelization in the first place. She gets it. She truly comprehends Star Wars and what the message of true sacrifice possesses. The rest of the novelization ought to be one for the ages! 

The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker written adaptation by Rae Carson officially hits bookshelves on March 17th – unless you’re one of the fortunate ones to be in attendance this weekend at the C2E2 convention in Chicago this weekend. 

Pre-order your copy of the novelization today.

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