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Rise of Skywalker Novelization Answers Fan Questions

The Rise of Skywalker novelization, written by Rae Carson, isn’t available until March 17th, but some lucky fans were able to grab early copies at C2E2 in Chicago. People started posting screenshots and tweeting lines from the book immediately, and new insight to the movie’s story have come to light.

Rebels fans are familiar with the World Between Worlds, a place between space and time where Jedi can access “doorways” to different points in time. According to this tweet from a fan, the book suggests that Rey was looking into this space near the end of the film.

This opens up possibilities for future SW stories. Some fans hope this means Rey will go back and save Ben Solo, or reunite with him in some form. 

Another big info dump was the suggestion that the Palpatine we saw was, in fact, a clone. Several fans posted screenshots of the section in the book. Ian McDiarmid also spoke to this in the video below:

Other screenshots of the book’s pages are flooding Twitter, but many are choosing to remain spoiler-free until the novel’s release later this month. It will be exciting to see what other revelations come from Rae Carson in the exploration of this story!

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