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The Legacy of George Lucas Lives on Through His Padawan, Dave Filoni

An old Jedi prophecy states that through their greatest student, a master’s legacy will live on. Such is the case with George Lucas, through his most prominent learner, Dave Filoni.

As Supervising Director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2008-2014, Filoni sat at the feet of Lucas, gaining direct knowledge from “The Maker” himself – where the two formed a unique Master/Padawan type relationship.

Now retired, the legacy of Lucas lives on through former Padawan – now Master Filoni, explicitly through The Clone Wars Saved. Many of the themes and story arcs from the final season of the Clone Wars came from the great imagination of Lucas himself, including clone squad “99,” aka the “Bad Batch.”

“The Bad Batch themselves, that was all right from George. He wanted to explore this idea that there were clones that were a little bit more unique from one another that were like a special forces unit that had enhanced skills.”

Dave Filoni

Much like his former master, Filoni is not afraid to push the envelope and take chances with his ideas – much like Lucas before him. The most prominent example was in the (de facto) sequel to The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, by creating the World Between Worlds – a magical place within the Force that bends time and space. That’s an idea straight out of the playbook of George Lucas, isn’t it?!

The very legacy and imagination of George Lucas continues to live on through his greatest student Dave Filoni, who undoubtedly continues to make his master proud.

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars can be streamed on Disney+, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

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