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Rumored ‘High Republic’ VR Game In the Works

Project Luminous has finally been revealed, and it’s going to be an exciting era for Star Wars storytelling. The High Republic novels will start releasing this summer, with material for every age group to enjoy! 

Jordan Maison from Cinelinx, however, posted rumors about an expansion on the publishing project – a possible VR game in the world of the High Republic. 

“Since The High Republic reveal event the other week, there’s been no mention of a game, but I DID manage to hear a sliver of new information about it. I’ve heard from a couple independent sources there is, in fact, a High Republic video game in the works and that it’s a VR project,” he wrote on his site yesterday.”

Jordan Maison, Cinelinx

Now, this rumor directly contradicts earlier information from Clayton Sandell, ABC correspondent and SW news pro. On January 30th he tweeted, “Don’t hold your breath for any movie/TV/game tie-ins.”

Game or no game, the High Republic era is exciting and fresh, full of new potential stories and characters to fall for. What book are you most excited about?

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