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Here’s Why ‘The Eye of Webbish Bog’ Scene was Cut from The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker was going through edits up until a couple weeks before it was due in theaters last December. The same occurred with The Force Awakens due to a tightened schedule that left JJ Abrams scrambling to make due with what he was given. Both films, whether you love or hate them, add their own flavor to the Star Wars universe. However, one thing that can come from rushed productions are plenty of deleted scenes.

One of the rumored scenes that was cut from the film was with a new character called The Eye of Webbish Bog, that the novelization by Rae Carson described as:

“A giant emerged, a hairless creature sheening with wetness, bits of lake detritus clinging to its pasty skin. Its eyes were squeezed shut, but it could still see after a fashion, because draped over its massive bald head and across one shoulder was a second creature with long spidery tentacles. The two were locked in symbiosis. Kylo sensed the giant’s pain, as though it were a slave to the spidery being that clung to it. Yet neither could it survive alone.”

The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition

Sounds creepy, right? But up until now, rumors said that this scene was never even filmed. However, The Rise of Skywalker creature and special make-up effects creative supervisor, Neal Scanlan, confirmed that this scene was indeed filmed. Unfortunately, though, Abrams cut it from the film because he found he could convey the same message in a shorter timeframe:

“I think it maybe was too lengthy an explanation for something that [Abrams] was able to explain in the movie much quicker, eventually. J.J.’s movies move very quickly don’t they, and it was all part of Kylo Ren’s journey and I think he just felt that there was too much time being spent on something which he explained much quicker. So that’s all it was, really. Runtime is always my biggest fear on any movie. So much of what we do, so much of what we shoot—and I’m sure this is the same for every department—you invest so much time and love in it and you hope it’ll make the final cut, but it doesn’t always do that because the movie would be four hours long. Which would be great! (laughs).”

Neal Scanlan

Maybe we’ll see it one day in a future Star Wars story. Who knows! But one thing I can say is that the complexity of this character was much more in-depth than I originally thought:

“That was a character that was designed very early on in the day. Jake Lunt [Davies], who’s one of my concept designers, we were all playing around with this idea and talking about it and he did this drawing and J.J. saw it and went, ‘That is amazing’. It was one of those moments where it was like, ‘This has to be in the movie.’ So we actually did build it and we took it to a place called Black Park in the UK, which is close to Pinewood Studios, where we shot it in a lake on location, and that sequence exists. Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the movie story, plot-wise, etc. It was a fully practical character shot in a location, and it is amazing.”

Neal Scanlan

All fingers crossed that Lucasfilm will release the deleted scene soon. Make sure to check out the full interview with Neal Scanlan on Collider.

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