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The Clone Wars Season 7, ‘On the Wings of Keeradaks’: Recap & Review

“Survival is one step on the path to living.”

Hello, there! In the third episode of The Clone Wars, “On the Wings of Keeradaks”, we pick up right where we left off – trapped on Skako Minor in Purkoll. The clones seal themselves up in a chamber where they find Echo as the droids and Tambor close in. Tambor uses his Decimator to cut through the doors, but Wrecker tosses everyone up through a ventilation shaft in the ceiling – much to Rex’s chagrin.

Echo tries to navigate them to a ship they can steal, but droids attack while they’re crossing a narrow pipeline. Tech calls some Keeradaks to them via a recording of their distress signal and the gang hops on and takes flight. However, Tambor’s battle droids can fly and they follow the clones and Anakin to the Poletec village nearby.

Their leader is none too pleased – after all, he specifically asked them NOT to bring the battle his way. But after showing them what the Techno Union did to Echo, the Poletecs help them fight back and ultimately succeed.

This episode is very action-packed and continues to nicely showcase the Bad Batch’s abilities and relationships with one another. Wrecker and Tech were the heroes of the day, especially with Tech’s recorded distress call. “He records everything. It’s a hobby,” Wrecker comments. I’m still holding my breath for an episode that focuses on Hunter and Crosshair – I’ve got one left! I’ll be sad to see them go after next week’s episode.

Rex continues to shine as a leader, giving the Poletecs the rousing speech that convinces them to fight. Certainly, his anger towards Echo’s imprisonment motivates him, but we’re seeing him become an independent, free-thinking clone. Not that he always wasn’t – but knowing he is one of the few to resist Order 66, it’s cool to watch him transform and take initiative in these episodes.

The final thing that stuck with me this episode was the effects of war on smaller, innocent, and unprotected people. It was amazing to see the Poletecs stand up with the Clones and Anakin to defeat the Techno Union, but that won’t be the end. Not all their droids were destroyed. And now the Poletecs have taken a side in the war, even though the Republic won’t always be there to protect them. The Poletecs have to be on constant guard now, and hopefully they can update their weaponry. We’ve seen this sort of thing before in Star Wars, and this is just another reminder: smaller groups of people on the fringes of the war feel all the effects and horror without much help. The Republic, while noble and trying to do good, often lets these societies slip through the cracks.

We end the episode with the gang heading back to Republic territory and Rex telling Echo it will be just like old times. As Rex enters the ship, Echo hangs back, saying, “Yeah. Just like old times,” with some sinister orchestration behind him. Something tells me this Echo situation is going to hurt us in the end and hurt poor Rex.

Tune in next week for our review of episode four!

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