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Planet Exploration: Forest Moon of Endor

We all think that we know Endor, a.k.a. The Forest Moon of Endor or The Sanctuary Moon, but do we really?  I am going to take you on a journey through its lush forests and beautiful mountainscapes.  Come with me as we discuss the native Ewoks, Duloks, Yuzzum, and the semi-sentient Gorax and Wisties. Let us get going.

The Forest Moon of Endor, designation IX3244-A located in the outer regions in the Moddell Sector of the Endor System, is a binary star system with Endor and Endor II. The Forest Moon is the second moon of the gas giant Endor, known to the native Ewoks as Tana. There is approximately only 8% water on the moon with mostly forests, mountains, and savannas.

Our pals the Ewoks, a.k.a. the murder bears (thank you Joseph Scrimshaw), live in small villages high among the trees within the forests. The most notable of those villages is called the Bright Tree Village and is where our heroes of the rebellion were almost eaten. The Ewoks, on average, are one meter in height and are very fierce when it comes to off-worlders. This is probably because they have been hunted for centuries and made into jerky. Although, after some convincing, the Ewoks did help our heroes in The Battle of Endor to take down the shield generator. That ultimately helped take down the second Death Star, marking the beginning of the end for the Galactic Empire. 

A couple more sentient beings that call Endor home are the Duloks and the Yuzzum. The Duloks are a bipedal species who are not too nice to the Ewoks, who they hunted. They have four fingered hands, long floppy ears, furry bodies, and a mouth full of sharp teeth.  And now for the Yuzzum: a shaggy fur covered biped with long legs and rotund bodies. The most famous of these was Joh Yowza (shown below), a singer sometimes for The Max Rebo band who performed in Jabba’s palace.

There are also a couple of semi-sentient beings known as the Gorax and the little pixie like creatures called Wisties. The Gorax who live high in the mountains are bipedal giants ranging from six meters to thirty meters in height (Luke Skywalker was 1.72 meters).  They had enough intelligence to be able to use crude and rudimentary tools. Those traps used on the Empire were not intended for them but for the giant Gorax who would descend from the mountains to snack upon the Ewoks.

Now on to a less violent creature, the Wisite. The Wistie is a small flame type creature used by the Ewoks in a simaller fasion like a flash bang. They can increase their internal body temperature to do harm to their targets. They also like to fly around and be a little bit mischievous.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the Forest Moon of Endor. Walk with me again next month as we explore another location in a galaxy far, far away.

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Jacob Evans
“That’s not how the Force works!” — Han Solo

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