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Season Two of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Helps ‘Fill in the Gap’

Star Wars has always been a safe haven for fans to enjoy and partake of what they love. Galaxy of Adventures, a series that features mini-episodes that helps ‘fill in the gap’, continues to give fans a breath of fresh air while also providing a refresher course in Star Wars canon. These short episodes, although, mainly targeted to younger viewers, have provided a spotlight for the franchises’ most famous canonical events. Last year, season one provided viewers a staggering amount of jam-packed fun in only one-minute segments.

Fast forwarding to this year, Lucasfilm has decided to carry on that tradition and finish what they started by releasing season two of Galaxy of Adventures today! Here’s what Adam Waugh, Vice President of Lucasfilm’s Story Group, had to say about it:

“There’s this broad swath of time between Episodes VII and IX — like six months to a year — and and that gave us an opportunity to say, ‘We’ve rendered scenes that people are familiar with and made interesting montages, but could we tell a story? Could we fill in the gap in a fun one-minute way and really showcase the characters?”

Adam Waugh, Vice President of Lucasfilm’s Story Group

You surely have, Adam! Him and the rest of the story group at Lucasfilm have done an incredible job with showcasing our most favorite characters and expanding upon the stories already told. Season two is no exception. Watch the trailer and recently released episodes right here:

If you’re worried that you won’t see much from the prequel trilogy, fear not! Matt Martin from the Lucasfilm story group has confirmed that we’ll be seeing much more of that era in season two.

Whatever era of Star Wars you like, it seems like season two of Galaxy of Adventures may have it all! Make sure to check back here for the latest episodes of Galaxy of Adventures! Let us know your favorite episode by leaving us a comment below.

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