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The Bad Batch Takes Care of Some ‘Unfinished Business’ – Review

This Friday brought us the last Bad Batch episode, and they literally went out with a bang. Let’s dive right into Unfinished Business!

Echo is back in the game, and he’s got a strategy to bring down Trench’s forces on Anaxes. The Republic is still getting their butts kicked, so the Jedi welcome his plan without much pushback. Echo is going to hack into the Separatist system on Trench’s dreadnought and send strategies to him, like before, but now the Republic can anticipate their moves.

There’s a brief moment where it seems like Echo might double-cross the Republic, but it’s just a red herring. He follows through on his plan and disables the droid army before they can overwhelm Obi-Wan and Mace on the ground.

Speaking of which, we haven’t seen much of Mace this arc, but he delivers a speech to the droids that’s merciful AND awesome, which I enjoyed. I can’t wait to get more Jedi action in the coming episodes. I miss Obi-Wan’s charming snark.

The clones succeed in disabling the droids, but Trench has a bomb rigged to blow Anaxes to smithereens. Anakin tracks him down to get the disarm codes, and we see the dark side in Anakin emerge. When Trench won’t disarm the bomb, Anakin straight up slices three of his legs off. Trench won’t give up, or Dooku will kill him – something he knows the Jedi won’t do. “I don’t have such weaknesses,” Anakin assures him. It’s all quite menacing. After getting the code, Anakin stabs Trench right in the chest without any thought.

The bomb is disarmed, and the Republic forces take off. Anakin surprises Wrecker with a little present – the detonator for the bomb. Wrecker gleefully blows up the cruisers, effectively taking out the Separatist forces there.

As the Bad Batch head out for good, Hunter approaches Echo and offers him a place in their ranks. Echo declines, but Rex, who overheard from afar, tells him to go where he feels he belongs. It’s very touching, and nicely ties up Echo’s storyline. Found family is an important idea in Star Wars, and Echo, who would never fit in quite right with his blood family, has a new home. I hope we get to see them all one last time this season. Then again, it will probably be during Order 66, so it might not be so nice.

The most important part of this episode is obviously Anakin foreshadowing Vader with his ruthless treatment of Trench. The hesitancy and conflict of previous seasons are gone – Anakin murders Trench like it’s a reflex. I’m interested to see the rest of his emotional journey this season. He hesitates to kill Dooku and Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, so clearly, he hasn’t lost all his humanity. Perhaps it’s because Trench isn’t human? I guess we’ll see as the episodes go on. What we do know is that Vader is coming, and soon.

Overall, I really enjoyed this arc. We got lots of action, some character development, and great Rex material, which I’m all about. While I’m sad to see the Bad Batch go – especially you, Crosshair – I’m ready to move forward with other characters and stories. We’ve only got eight episodes left, and so much galactic history to cover.

Be sure to tune in next week for our review of the fifth episode!

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