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New ‘Clone Wars’ Stories in ‘Star Wars Adventures’ Series

We’re well into the new season of The Clone Wars, but for those of you who still need more, look no further. IDW is releasing a limited, five-issue run of Star Wars Adventures specifically set in the time of the Clone Wars.

Author Michal Moreci answered some questions at StarWarsNews.net about the upcoming series, entitled Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales. Moreci is not only a huge Star Wars fan, but has followed The Clone Wars from the very beginning.

“Oh, I’ve been with The Clone Wars from the start, all the way back to the original film. Believe me when I say I love this series,” he told SWNN. 

According to Moreci, the story takes place right before The Clone Wars film, so we’re going way back. The stories will be all-new, though, so that’s exciting. “This is all me. In fact–I’m the one who conceived the comic series. This has been my baby from day one.”

When asked about his favorite thematic element in Star Wars, Moreci answered, “Family. I love that this story is about unity and family–togetherness. Even found families or nontraditional families. There’s hardly any more powerful messages, in my opinion.”

Check out the full interview at StarWarsNews.net.

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