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‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Concept Art Sneak Peek

We got a sneak preview of some Rise of Skywalker concept art on Friday, thanks to the official Star Wars website, complete with commentary from Phil Szostak, the creative art manager of Lucasfilm.

The first piece depicts Dark Rey, with the legacy lightsaber ablaze. Glyn Dillon, costume concept artist, described her cloak as “a flowing, dark entity.” This scene wasn’t in the movie, but it’s interesting to see they considered having Dark Rey wield the Skywalker lightsaber. Makes me wonder when they made the switch to that sweet, double-bladed red.

Jake Lunt Davies, creature concept designer, did this next piece – a moment of the Festival of the Ancestors with the Aki-Aki people on Pasaana. “Here, crowds of joyous celebrants hoist representations of flowing water, emanating from a massive effigy of an Aki-Aki god,” Szostak elaborated. It’s a wonderful piece, and suddenly I want to know more about this culture! Pasaana was one of my favorite scenes in Rise of Skywalker, so I’m glad we’ll get to see more concepts and designs of the Aki-Aki.

Design supervisor James Clyne created this piece of the Tantive IV taking off for flight. Szostak puts it best here. “For me, design supervisor James Clyne’s depiction of the final flight of General Leia Organa’s Tantive IV is not only as a rousing moment for her Resistance, but a celebration of the life of the late, great actor Carrie Fisher. Although no longer with us, Fisher’s spirit lives on in the hearts of Star Wars fans, just as Leia’s spirit does in the hearts of her friends.”

I love this next piece by concept artist Adam Brockbank. It depicts Finn lending a hand to Rey after falling through the quicksand in Pasaana. This has been their relationship from the beginning, even when Rey didn’t necessarily want the help – “Stop taking my hand!” These two have come so far and grown so much. 

The last piece, another by James Clyne, depicts Ben standing on the Death Star II wreckage, right before the memory of his father shows up. One of the most emotional scenes in the film, this piece sets the tone so wonderfully, with Ben being so small and alone. 

The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker releases on March 31st, so be sure to pre-order online! 

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