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Review: Ahsoka is BACK!

Our favorite Togruta returned this Friday in the fifth episode of The Clone Wars, Gone With a Trace. This episode is a change of pace from the previous four-episode arc. It definitely feels like a set-up for a grander story; nothing of importance really happens, but we meet some new faces and see how Ahsoka manages without lightsabers and Anakin.

Ahsoka is zipping around Coruscant when her speeder malfunctions and breaks down, conveniently crashing on the landing platform to a repair shop on level 1313. She meets Trace, a mechanic who offers to fix her bike – for a price. Ahsoka insists she is more than capable of doing the repair herself, but she does need some tools. They strike up a deal for Ahsoka to set up shop in the repair shop.

The two chat about ships and whatnot and an argument (I honestly don’t remember what it’s about) prompts Ahsoka to run out and stare longingly at the upper levels of Coruscant. It’s a nice moment of introspection, and the hint of the Jedi theme in the background is a nice touch.

Trace, out of guilt, perhaps, fixes the bike for free, and they talk about Ahsoka’s life from before. Trace has a jaded view of the Jedi, accusing them of “starting wars, policing people,” and Ahsoka gets some perspective. It’s a theme we’ve seen throughout this show. The Jedi forget the little people and get caught up in the bigger picture.

Some thugs stop by the shop to collect on some debts owed by Trace’s sister, Rafa. We then get into the typical storyline about debts owed, double schemes, and chasing off the local gang. Rafa has a laundromat that’s a front for droid repairs – I think. She was also stealing from the laundromat?

It’s not really clear, but the major plot point is that the demolition droid runs loose and tears the sector apart. Trace and Ahsoka go after it, eventually grabbing it with some sort of construction vehicle. As the vehicle, the droid, and Trace almost fall into the center of Coruscant, Ahsoka quickly uses the Force to save her. One little Twi’lek manages to see, but the rest of the crowd is just happy they’re saved.

Trace and Ahsoka lecture Rafa about harboring and selling destructive droids. They go off to get some grub, where Rafa meets them and says she paid off her debts somehow (something about droids and Twi’leks and stuff). Ahsoka decides to fix her bike and move on, and Trace is bummed, but goes to help her anyway. And that’s the episode!

Coming off of the action-packed Bad Batch arc, this episode comes off a little slow. It’s structured as an intro to the arc, which is absolutely fine. I’m just glad to have Ahsoka back. I could have used more introspection and angst from Ahsoka- thinking about Anakin, Obi-Wan, Barriss, any of it. I assume that’s coming in the next few weeks. It’s interesting that Ahsoka jumps to defend the Jedi when Trace starts badmouthing them, given everything she’s been through. But it’s been her whole life and her only family. I hope Ahsoka takes this outsider perspective of the Jedi to heart – perhaps it will help level out the conflicting emotions she feels about leaving.

As a whole, the episode got a little too cartoony for me at times, but that can be forgiven. Absolutely a filler episode, but we’ve got our girl back, so I won’t complain. Can’t wait to see more of her in the weeks to come! Tune in next week as we keep reviewing The Clone Wars Season 7!

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