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Michael Biehn Added to the Cast of ‘The Mandalorian’

We’ve got a casting update for The Mandalorian, straight from MakingStarWars.net

While there aren’t many details, the site has stated that Michael Biehn has been cast for the show’s second season. You might know him from Aliens, in which he played Corporal Hicks. He also appeared in Tombstone and Terminator

As for his role, there isn’t much info. “The only thing I have at the moment is Biehn is playing a bounty hunter from The Mando’s past,” the website claims. It also states that Bill Burr will be returning as well.

This, combined with the recent Ahsoka casting for the show, makes for a really exciting second season. We still don’t know much about the main story. We left Mando on a journey with Baby Yoda to discover more about the Child’s past. 

Keep an eye out for more updates on The Mandalorian Season 2!

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