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‘Star Wars,’ a Book Club, and How it Changed my Life

A majority of us are stuck at home these days. Some of us are essential workers and are in and out of the house. In either case, most of us need a way to escape the madness and the craze whirling around us. What do we do to socialize and entertain ourselves?

For me as a Star Wars bookworm, one of those ways has been through my online Star Wars book club, Twin Suns Outpost Book Club, aka “TSO”.

Let me back up. In April 2020, it will be a year since I joined the TSO Book Club, as I had just discovered Star Wars books in the Spring of 2019!! YES, you read that right! As a bookworm and Star Wars fan, this moment had changed my life!!!

In the first few months, I learned more about my favorite characters and their background stories, discovered new characters, and zoomed through the Galaxy in a new way that I had not done before.

Then August came and my life suddenly was in a clamor. I was moving to help my grandparents, which meant moving away from friends, favorite places, and what I had become accustomed to. I found myself dearly missing friends, feeling blue, and, at times, depressed. This new life situation left me feeling alone, although I was surrounded by others.

One big thing that helped me through the transition and continues to help pull me through is the TSO Book Club.  I’m able to socialize with my current Star Wars friends through our book club and also have had the opportunity to make new friends. The books transported me all about the Star Wars galaxies. I began feeling even deeper connections with characters, especially Ahsoka.  Ahsoka taught me to be still, to meditate, and find the Force within me.

Now as I find myself quarantined at home; I am beyond grateful for the TSO Book Club. It offers me a way to escape it all while in the comfort of my pajamas or in my backyard as I sip tea while still being able to socialize with others.

If you find yourself lonely, blue, or maybe wanting a way to socialize, please let me suggest an online book club. You could begin one of your own or join one already in existence online. You might be like me and find yourself excited to read or excited to socialize and meet new friends – new friends both in books and ones living all around the galaxy.

A Star Wars book club changed my life, and it just might change yours.

Start the discussion on our forum and chat room. May the Force be with you!

Nicole Marhenke
"This is a new day, a new beginning." — Ahsoka Tano

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