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Character Study: Riff Tamson

Many fans often show their displeasure or distaste of Riff Tamson- saying he is not “Star Wars enough.” However, I disagree with them. I say he is just the right amount of “Star Wars enough,” and I will tell you why.

Riff Tamson, a Karkarodon male from the planet Karkaris, was a ruthless commander for “The Confederacy of Independent Systems” during the Clone Wars. A Karkardon is basically a humanoid shark man. He had rows of sharp teeth like a shark and was an excellent brawler who during the battle of Mon Cala bested the Jedi Master Kit Fisto.

He was sent to Mon Cala by Count Dooku to cause unrest and start a civil war between the Natives, the Mon Calamari, and the Quarren. While there, he did succeed in duping a Quarren senator to join his cause. Riff had also assassinated the Mon Calamari KIng.

Commander Tamson’s ultimate downfall was underestimating the prince of Mon Cala. The prince was able to convince the Quarren senator to stop this violence. It was only after Riff proclaimed himself the king of Mon Cala. In a final battle between Tamson and the prince, the prince was able to use Riff’s own weapon (an exploding knife) against him and end his short reign as king.

A weird creature, check. A ruthless individual, check. And an overall bad guy, check. Now, tell me again why he isn’t “Star Wars enough” for you.

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Jacob Evans
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