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‘Doctor Aphra’ is Back, Eventually

Doctor Aphra is back! In Doctor Aphra #1, Aphra, the morally ambiguous archaeologist, leads a mission to snag some Imperial cargo from an occupied Hoth. 

The new run of Aphra comics comes to you courtesy of writer Alyssa Wong and artist Marika Cresta. It’s a good place to start if you want to dive into her world for the first time, or even if you’ve been following Aphra since the days of Vader. 

Previously, the official Star Wars website announced the digital release date to be April 1st, but this is up in the air. A source at Marvel spoke to Newsarama and said the comic wouldn’t be released in any format on April 1st. 

Many comics are delayed due to Diamond suspending distribution on all printed comics starting on that exact date. So we don’t have a release date set in stone, but the Star Wars website gave us a preview. 

Check out the preview panels from StarWars.com below!

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