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Review: ‘Deal No Deal’ Isn’t a Deal Breaker, But Ahsoka Still Deserves Better

The return of Ahsoka was clouded with a slow start by reintroducing her alongside the introduction of two frustrating characters. This was not the way to make us reinvigorated to have Ahsoka back. Not only do the Martez sisters feel to be forced upon us in almost every needless way, but they also lack the unique ability to become what the creator’s hoped them to be– essential. Just when you think Ahsoka is the main character, the Martez sisters are quickly forced into the spotlight through their foolish antics, almost completely drowning out her presence sometimes. Not only has the newest episode, Deal No Deal, solidified my opinion of these characters, but they are proving to be the downfall of the middle story arc of this newest season of Clone Wars.

The solution is that we need more of Ahsoka- not as a side character, but as the driving force of the story- not the Martez sisters. I feel like Ahsoka is mostly there along for the ride, while at the same time, playing back seat to the Martez sisters and in the meantime, keeping them out of trouble.

Ahsoka deserves better.

Deal No Deal wasn’t entirely a frustrating mess. So, without further ado, here’s what I liked, including some Easter eggs!

Spice Mines of Kessel

It’s hard to believe how much spice plays a role among the smuggling operations in the galaxy. When refined properly, spice can give you the trip of the century, or be the essential life-saving drug you need. Its uses are vast yet can bring out the best and worst of the galaxy. That’s why the Pyke gang loves this precious commodity. Showing Kessel was an awesome callback to Solo: A Star Wars Story, where Kessel was the hotspot for slavery and spice mining. I loved how this episode showed a completely opposite side to the planet where lush green foliage surrounded Yoruba’s castle, where the Martez sisters made a deal with Kinash Lock, majordomo of the unseen king, to transport spice. 

Marg Krim

Personally, I haven’t read much of Dark Disciple, but the last we’ve heard of Marg Krim was in this novel. His appearance in Clone Wars as leader of the notorious Pykes on the planet of Oba Diah is an interesting addition to the story. Too bad the Martez sisters didn’t bother telling Ahsoka that they were going to Oba Diah in the first place, because Ahsoka would have figured out who they were dealing with.

The Pykes were once a part of a temporary alliance with Darth Maul’s initiative to become the king of the criminal underworld. Although their relationship is mostly gone, the Pykes still have loose ties to the former Sith.

Ahsoka and Anakin

This moment was my favorite scene from Deal No Deal.

When Admiral Yularen insisted upon detaining the Silver Angel due to Trace’s bad flying and somehow not knowing you need a pilot license, Anakin and his former padawan had this sweet little moment that foreshadowed this moment from Return of the Jedi.

Beautifully displayed, this moment is what we needed to see long before the Martez sisters were introduced. We need more moments like this with Ahsoka. Ahsoka’s past isn’t gone. It is ahead.

The Silver Angel

I have to admit, Trace built herself quite the ship. It also looks familiar. That’s because the cockpit design is nearly identical to the Ghost from Rebels. Also, if you tune in around 10 minutes and 6 seconds into the episode, you’ll notice that the Silver Angel sounds a lot like the Ghost. Pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

Deal No Deal isn’t a deal-breaker if you love Clone Wars, but it also doesn’t continue to live up to the hype of Ahsoka’s grand and glorious return. With the Pykes now involved, Maul isn’t far behind. Ahsoka will soon be forced to face her past.

Final Score: 7/10

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