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Sounds Like A ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Sequel Would Be a ‘Tough Sell’

The ever-trending hashtag, #MakeSolo2Happen, has been on the minds and timelines of many Star Wars fans who’ve been asking for a sequel to the well-loved Solo: A Star Wars Story. Although the film didn’t get the box office response Disney expected, fans are still dedicated to the cause that one day they may get the sequel of there dreams. I, too, am hopeful. However, according to Solo writer, Jon Kasdan, it looks like Disney currently has no plans to pursue such a dream.

Although this comes at no surprise due to so many Star Wars projects already in the works right now, at this point, it would be difficult for even Jon himself to advocate for a sequel.

A sequel to Solo may currently be a “tough sell,” but that doesn’t mean we have to give up! Keep advocating, and hopefully one day, your dreams may just come true.


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