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New Villain Revealed for ‘Star Wars: Shadow Fall’

The highly anticipated sequel to Alphabet Squadron is creeping ever closer, and we’ve been given some new intel on the novel’s major villain. 

In Alphabet Squadron, the villain was an entire Imperial squad – Shadow Fall. In the upcoming novel, Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron – Shadow Fall, we’re focusing on one man in particular – Soran Keize. He isn’t a stranger to us; the former Imperial made an incognito appearance in the first novel.

Keize, who once led Yrica Quell in Shadow Fall, has returned to the Empire, intent on bringing the 204th fighter back to its former glory. As it stands, they’re a remnant squad of a defeated Empire. We’ll also get a closer look at some of the mysterious Shadow Fall pilots we read about in the last novel.

StarWars.com displayed some artwork of Major Keize, as well as three bookmarks that will come with the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of the book. The book is set to release on June 23rd. 

(If you need to catch up and read the first Alphabet Squadron novel, it’s available in eBook format until the 10th!) 

May the Force be with you, readers!

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