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Review: Ahsoka Defines Herself on Her Own Terms Through a ‘Dangerous Debt’

“Who you were does not have to define who you are.”

We last left Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa with the Pyke Syndicate after trying to swindle them with empty spice containers. The episode starts in the Pyke prison, and Ahsoka and Rafa are quarreling – no surprise there. Rafa wants to blame their predicament on Trace, but Ahsoka points out that if she hadn’t taken the Pyke job in the first place, they would be free.

Their bickering leads to the sisters’ backstory with the Jedi. A couple years ago, the Jedi were chasing Ziro the Hutt, and their home was destroyed in the chaos. Their parents got them out in time but were destroyed themselves. Luminara Undulli gave Rafa a cold, not-so-comforting comfort: “I had to make a choice, but not to worry – the Force will be with you.”

The Pykes come and take Rafa for some torture. Back in the cell, Trace talks about their mother, who always helped others – that’s why she helped Ahsoka. The guards bring Rafa back and take Trace instead. Clever Trace fights her way free of the guards and runs. Meanwhile, Ahsoka opens the cell with the Force while Rafa is unconscious. The two run to save Trace, and during some Scooby Doo hijinks, the three run into one another.

They spend most of the episode trying to escape the Pyke complex, with Rafa trusting Ahsoka just a bit more. When they get out, the two have a heart to heart about Trace – how she isn’t meant for criminal activity and how she only does it for Rafa. Ahsoka talks about helping people being in her character, much like the sisters’ mother.

They almost get clear of the planet, but a hobo sells them out for credits. The Pyke guards catch the sister and use them as bait to draw Ahsoka out, leading us right back where we started – locked up in a Pyke cell.

We also get some cloaked Mandalorians keeping an eye on Ahsoka from the rooftops. One is none other than Bo-Katan. I’m guessing we’ll see them in the next episode.

This episode focuses on the growing tension caused by Ahsoka’s secret. Her new friends are no fans of the Jedi, so when they inevitably find out, it will be a nasty shock. Then again, Rafa suspects something – Ahsoka did a pretty impressive jump across a gap in the bridge, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Just when Rafa was starting to trust her! And poor Trace will be heartbroken.

It’s interesting to see Ahsoka’s conflict. Of course, she wants to defend the Jedi, but she has her own baggage with them, too. She’s learning that she can help people, even without the Jedi title. At the end of the day, that’s what is important – “When you find people who need your help, you help them. No matter what.” It’s who she is, Jedi or not. This is how she becomes the Fulcrum.

This is another episode that may feel like filler to some, which is understandable. We want the action on Mandalore! But we also need this – we need to see Ahsoka develop and survive without the Jedi, we need to see her find herself, and her own life. We need to see how she interacts with everyday people. We need to see her learn and struggle. Right now, she’s doing what the episode’s fortune cookie suggests – defining herself on her own terms. It will make that final arc so much sweeter.

Tune in next week for the eighth episode review! We’re getting ever closer to the end.

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