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Ashley Eckstein on Ahsoka’s Legacy

CinemaBlend recently spoke with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of beloved Clone Wars character Ahsoka Tano. The seventh and final season is over halfway through, and Eckstein spoke about Ahsoka’s legacy in this new story.

According to Eckstein, it’s all about hope – especially in these troubling times. “To me, Ahsoka means hope, and I think it’s actually the perfect time for these new episodes of Clone Wars to be released, when everyone’s home watching because she brings hope. She brings so much light and she brings so much positivity.”

Clone Wars connects Episodes II and III of the Skywalker saga, covering the three-year gap between the two. Before the show happened, we knew little about the adventures of the Jedi, and of the Clone Wars. And now, in this new season, we get to learn about an epic event in Star Wars history – the Siege of Mandalore. 

Eckstein recommends watching the Siege of Mandalore episodes to all fans. “It’s like you’re missing a huge piece to the puzzle, and Clone Wars makes the puzzle complete.”

What makes Eckstein most proud is Ahsoka’s legacy. 

“Ahsoka’s bigger than just me. I think we’re all continuing to carry on Ahsoka’s legacy. The fans never gave up on Clone Wars and helped bring Clone Wars back. So Ahsoka lives in all of us, and I hope that her legacy will continue through all of us.”

Ashley Eckstein

She even changed the popular #AhsokaLives to #AhsokaLivesInAllOfUs. 

Eckstein even had the opportunity to write a Little Golden Book for Ahsoka, called I Am a Padawan, about the lessons Ahsoka learns as a Jedi student.

“They’re relevant to kids today, in their everyday lives and going to school and at home. So not only are they good lessons for young kids to learn, but they’re also good reminders for us adults.”

Check out the book, available now, as well as the final episodes of The Clone Wars on Disney+. 

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