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Planet Exploration: Scarif

Welcome back my fellow travelers. This month, we will take a vacation to the beautiful paradise that is Scarif. Let’s get going, we don’t want to miss our shuttle. 

Scarif is located in the Abrion System of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet consists of volcanic island chains rising above the water and lush jungles. As you can tell, Scarif is a tropical planet with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water.

You may ask, why don’t people vacation at such a beeeaaauuuttiifuuulll place?  Well, the answer is simple. The Empire has a planetary deflector shield around Scarif and the only way in is through a shield gate. The shield is there because on this planet is the Imperial Security Complex that housed The Galactic Empire’s secrets, including the plans to the mighty battle station known as the Death Star!!

The Death Star, not known to the still fledgling rebellion, was in its final stages of development. When certain members of this new rebellion found out about the plans, they infiltrated the Imperial Security Complex to steal the plans. During this, other rebel leaders went to help and thus we now have the Battle of Scarif.

The plans were ultimately beamed off world, but in the process a precise single reactor blast from the Death Star directed at the planet killed the rebels.  The blast did not destroy the planet, but rather boil the planet’s oceans and burn the surface of the planet.

I asked earlier, “Why don’t people vacation at Scarif?” Well, it’s now more of a dry arid desert wasteland. Thanks for taking this trip with me to Scarif. Join me again next month as we travel in a galaxy far, far away.

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Jacob Evans
“That’s not how the Force works!” — Han Solo

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