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Incredible Fan Rendering of the Razor Crest From ‘The Mandalorian’ Is an Illustrative Masterpiece

We all miss our favorite Mandalorian, and we won’t see him again until October. It’s a long wait, but fan artist Max Degtyarev created a masterpiece that might tide you over.

I’m a sucker for ship diagrams, and this one is exquisite. Degtyarev created an in-depth exploration of Din Djarin’s ship, the Razor Crest. The beautiful illustrations enable you to visualize every bit of the ship – something plain blueprints might not do. 

Degtyarev does have a disclaimer on the illustrations: “This illustration and descriptions are totally my fanmade initiative. Inspired by the Season One of the Mandalorian TV series. Everything can change after Season Two.”

So this isn’t necessarily canon, but man, Disney should hire this artist immediately. He’s clearly thought out every detail. 

Check out the cross-section below, and check out Max’s gallery on Behance! He also has an Instagram of his work – @maxdwork.

And if you just can’t get enough of Mando’s ship, you’ll be able to build it yourself this fall. r/StarWarsLeaks revealed a LEGO Razor Crest set, which will contain a key to unlock the ship in the upcoming LEGO Skywalker Saga video game. According to the thread, the set will release on September 1st. 

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