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‘Cassian Andor’ Series Completed Six Weeks of Pre-Production Prior to the Lockdown

As we reported earlier this week, the Cassian Andor series experienced some delays due to COVID-19. But according to Neal Scanlon, special effects supervisor, there was some work done for the show before delays set in.

According to ComicBookMovie, Scanlon revealed that about six weeks’ worth of work had already been completed for the Cassian Andor series. 

Another interesting tidbit – “Originally, we were hoping to move into a few TV series… We were here in the U.K. about to start on a couple of shows ourselves, but they all unfortunately got bumped.” So, what other Star Wars series could they be working on? We know the Kenobi series has also been delayed, due to COVID-19 and a change in staff. 

It’s a relief to hear that some work got done before everything came to a half. Depending on what got done, some other work could theoretically be accomplished from home. 

We’ll still be waiting until next year, but any progress is good progress! Until then, keep tuning in to The Clone Wars every Friday, or give The Mandalorian a rewatch. Let’s support our favorite galaxy far, far away.

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Jamie Binegar
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