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Michael Moreci Reveals New Clone Trooper in ‘Battle Tales’ Comic Series

The galaxy far, far away once contained millions of clones. Although they were genetically modified to perform specific actions, we do know that they weren’t exact clones in every sense of the word. Each clone possessed their own unique style or quality that made them stand out from the rest.

Star Wars comic writer, Michael Moreci, understands what makes each clone unique and uses that niche to tell compelling stories about new clones. In fact, just this past week, Moreci introduced fans to a new clone that’s, “set to appear in a future Battle Tales issue.”

Meet Heater.

Although Heater may look a little intimidating at first glance, I expect that this is exactly the style and quality that Moreci was looking for. It’s always a pleasure to hear more stories about our fallen brothers.

Check back here for more on Heater’s story and the latest updates surrounding Moreci’s upcoming comic issues of Clone Wars: Battle Tales!

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