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Our ‘Star Wars’ Fan of the Week: Jacob Evans

Our Star Wars: Fan of the Week series explores inside the minds and hearts of the franchises’ most devoted fans.

This week, on our weekly Star Wars series, Fan of the Week, Jacob Evans shares with us his love for Star Wars and tells us what his origin story would be if he lived in the Star Wars universe.

What do you love most about Star Wars?

“What I love most about Star Wars is that there is no one thing. It just makes me feel so happy when I watch it, read it, and play it. It’s the one thing that there is not a day that goes by that Star Wars did not cross my mind.”

Jacob Evans

What would be your alternate ending to Anakin’s fate?

“An alternate ending to Anakin’s fate would be when Padme asked him to leave with her and get away from all the turmoil of war. I wish he left with her and tried to live a normal life.”

Jacob Evans

What would be your Star Wars character’s name and origin story?

“Well, I’ve always used EvaJa Hubspri as a character name and as for an origin story, he would be from an affluent family but the black sheep. Only to his friends or family would they think he could do no wrong. One day, he would come to realize he can use the Force to save the people he loves by going on small adventures.

Jacob Evans

How has Star Wars changed you?

“I don’t know if Star Wars has changed me because as far as I can remember, it’s always been there in my life.”

Jacob Evans

What is your favorite Star Wars memory?

“My favorite Star Wars memory is actually quite recent. It’s me getting to take my daughter to see all the new Star Wars movies, who is now 18 years old. Having the opportunity to bring Star Wars into her life and share with her this new generation of Star Wars would have to be my favorite memory ever.”

Jacob Evans

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