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Bob Iger Reasserts Control as CEO of Walt Disney

Although Disney is one of the richest entertainment companies in the world, COVID-19 has left the company fighting to stay afloat. Just this past weekend, Disney announced that 43,000 workers at Disney World will be furloughed due to the coronavirus. With Disney World being a huge source of income for the company, it’s a huge blow to the company’s morale and pocketbook.

Also, in times like these, training a new executive isn’t probably the most ideal situation. Instead, Bob Iger has announced his plan to remedy the situation by reasserting control over his old job as CEO of Walt Disney, according to The New York Times.

“A crisis of this magnitude, and its impact on Disney, would necessarily result in my actively helping Bob [Chapek] and the company contend with it, particularly since I ran the company for 15 years!”

Bob Iger

So, what does this mean for Star Wars?

Delays. Yeah, I know that’s not a word many fans like to hear, but it is in the realm of possibility that TV shows like The Mandalorian season two may get delayed. This is all speculation on my part, but if The Mandalorian hasn’t gone through reshoots yet, until these lockdowns end, there isn’t much Lucasfilm can do but delay its release. Star Wars fans are also concerned that Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020 may get delayed after witnessing other huge summer con events get the hatchet.

I don’t mean to come across as doom and gloom, because reports are already coming in that parts of the world are on the recovery. Although I expect these lockdowns to end sooner rather than later, we must be prepared for delays. It’s a sad fact of life and I don’t like them as much as the next person does. But in the time being, keep your head up and stay positive! Continue to follow your local health guidelines and stay safe, my friends.

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