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Leia’s Jedi Training Sequence in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Was Originally Longer

The Rise of Skywalker brought fans something they’ve wanted for years – Leia training as a Jedi. Luke reminisces on training his sister when he gives Rey Leia’s lightsaber. The training scene we see in the flashbacks is touching and a testament to the character, and to Carrie Fisher. Her own daughter, Billie Lourd, lent her movements to recreate a young Leia.

Turns out there could have been even more. New photos of that scene are featured in The Rise of Skywalker extra content. According to CinemaBlend, “The images show Leia doing a flip with her blue lightsaber, before eventually getting the best of her mentor/brother.”

It’s too bad the extra action footage didn’t make it into special features, or into the film, for that matter. A little extra Leia is always appreciated. 

Be sure to grab your physical or digital copy of The Rise of Skywalker! It provides some stellar extra content – you don’t want to miss out. 

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