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Rick Carter Offers His Thoughts on Why Rey is the Chosen One

One of the most hotly debated aspects of The Rise of Skywalker is Rey’s Palpatine lineage, and her subsequent adoption of the Skywalker family name. Some think it’s a beautiful story of found family, and not letting parentage define you. Others think it cheapens the first six films. 

The film’s production designer, Rick Carter, offered his thoughts on Rey taking the Skywalker name, and her place in the Chosen One prophecy. This quote comes from Star Wars: The Art of The Rise of Skywalker, which released in March.

“The Episode I prophecy was that a Skywalker was somehow going to help balance the Force. Rian Johnson opened Star Wars up to the possibility that, if Rey is not a Skywalker by blood, then being the mythological Skywalker is something you can aspire to and achieve in your life – which I think is great. It’s not only your destiny based upon birth. Maybe the life lesson in this one is that sometimes you have to go beyond what seems like a finite destiny. That’s what it is then to be a dreamer and to be a Skywalker.”

Rick Carter

In Carter’s eyes, Rey is that Chosen One, that Skywalker who balanced the Force. It was originally thought to be Anakin, but as we learned in Master and Apprentice, prophecies can be interpreted many ways. 

Is this confirmation that Rey is the Chosen One? Can there ever really be a confirmation? One of the beautiful things about Star Wars is how we can all have different interpretations, and find different meanings, in the story. Now, Carter definitely has more insight into J.J. Abrams’ thoughts than we do, so maybe he knows something more. 

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