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Ming-Na Wen Rumored to Return to ‘The Mandalorian’ in Season Two

When fans first learned Ming-Na Wen would appear in The Mandalorian, we were ecstatic. The popular actress is beloved by many, and her inclusion in Star Wars is a dream come true.

Then, in her only episode during the first season, her character is shot and left for dead. However, a mysterious figure walked up to her body at the last second, before the episode ended. We didn’t know if we’d see Fennec Shand again. 

According to That Hashtag Show, we’ll see her again in the second season.

“Our source close to the series’ production informed us that the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress isn’t done with the show yet. Her character survives, as Wen was on set and filming as Fennec Shand for The Mandalorian Season 2.”

That Hashtag Show

Fantastic news! It was such a disappointment when she allegedly died after only one episode. Such a talented actress deserves abundant screen time. So now the question is – who saves her?

We’ll also see some Sandtroopers and Imperial Gunners in the second season, according to this source. Talk about a throwback!

Stay tuned for more info on Ming-Na Wen and other Mandalorian news!

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