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Taylor Gray Shares His Thoughts on the Rumored ‘Rebels’ Sequel

For quite some time now, rumors have been swirling around the Star Wars community that a sequel to the popular animated TV show, Rebels, is releasing later this year on Disney+. Up to this point, no official confirmation has been given, but who better to ask than Ezra Bridger.

Today, Bespin Bulletin released an exclusive interview with Ezra Bridger voice actor, Taylor Gray, where he was asked this question regarding the rumored Rebels sequel series:

“There’s been rumors of a Rebels sequel series, do you have any comment?”

Bespin Bulletin

Taylor Gray firmly responded, “I probably can’t say anything. I don’t want it to seem like I’m hiding anything, just don’t really have anything to add on that. I haven’t heard anything beyond the rumors online about a sequel.”

Gray’s comment is the stereotypical “I don’t know anything” response. They want to spill the beans but can’t. When he began by saying, “I probably can’t say anything,” that’s an immediate red flag that insinuates he knows something we don’t, but can’t utter a peep about it until the top brass at Lucasfilm give him the go-ahead to do so. Furthermore, why would Gray assume that we think he’s hiding something unless he knows he is?

Now, my interpretation of Gray’s comments is mere speculation. Gray may be telling the truth. But do I think he is? Absolutely not.

Hopefully, we are given some solid evidence or an official announcement soon from Lucasfilm. No better time than May the 4th!

Make sure to tune in here next time when the next Star Wars rumor goes live!

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