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Steven Spielberg Possibly Saved Babu Frik

Babu Frik is perhaps the most beloved thing to come out of The Rise of Skywalker. He was an instant sensation with Star Wars fans. In fact, one filmmaking titan fell for him, too, and may have even saved him from death in the film. Empire spoke with several key behind-the-scenes figures for the film. 

J.J. Abrams screened the movie for Steven Spielberg, according to creature effects creative supervisor Neal Scanlan. “It could be a rumor, but I believe J.J. screened the movie for Steven Spielberg, and at the end Spielberg said, ‘What happened to Babu?’”

“I think he was going to die originally – I think the AD shot that. When the planet [Kijimi] was blown up, he was on it.” This is according to concept artist Ivan Manzella. 

But, possibly thanks to Spielberg’s concern, the ILM team put a shot of Babu popping up in Zorii’s ship. Thus, our favorite tiny alien was saved. Can you even imagine the film without Babu? 

Empire Magazine features a full history of Babu Frik in its Wonder Woman 1984 issue, which releases tomorrow. Happy reading!

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