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May the Fragrance Be With You, a Review of the Millennium Falcon Wax Warmer by Scentsy

Years ago, my retired mother decided to become a Scentsy dealer. Scentsy is basically the multi-level marketing emperor of wax warmers and a plethora of other smell good thingamajiggers. At first, this new venture of my mom’s provided nothing more than opportunities for light-hearted pyramid scheme jokes and eye rolls at family celebrations as all of our gifts from her had become much more pleasing to the nostrils.

My ribbing and kidding suddenly took a halt when it was announced that Scentsy had acquired a partnership with Disney. Yes, the Disney that owns Star Wars. Christmas time couldn’t get here fast enough, and when it arrived, my sweet, pyramid-scheming mother didn’t disappoint. Amongst the variety of scented stuffed animals and air fresheners we received was one of my favorite Star Wars items to date–the Millennium Falcon Wax Warmer.

For starters, this is not just a bust of the Falcon with a little bowl for some scented wax–this is a work of art that tells a bit of the story we love from a galaxy far, far away. Around the base of the warmer are layers of Bespin clouds. On one side of the base is the Slave I headed to Cloud City to retrieve Boba’s bounty. On the other side is the epic lightsaber duel between Vader and Luke. On the front of the base are Tie Fighters attempting to shoot down the Falcon as it escapes with “Cool Hand Luke.” The warmer bulb lights up these scenes through the translucent white exterior of the warmer base.

As if all this detail wasn’t awesome enough, the top of the warmer is what brings home the bounty. The Millennium Falcon rests on the top but at an angle that suggests it is punching it out of the Bespin atmosphere, away from the attacks of the Empire. The very top of the Falcon is cutoff, revealing the wax-holding dish. Encircling the dish is a metal strip with classic, elongated circle cutouts. In the middle of the dish, just protruding from the melted wax, is Han Solo, frozen in carbonite.

Scentsy also has a Darth Vader bust wax warmer which is lit by a red warmer bulb and projects Tie Fighter silhouettes on the wall. They currently make a Light Side and a Dark side scented wax—both of which smell wonderful. No foul stenches here, but perhaps they’ll come out with a Tarkin wax, if that’s your preference.

If you like filling your home or workplace with Star Wars and pleasant aromas, I highly recommend the Scentsy Millennium Falcon Wax Warmer.

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Cam Ray
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