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Walt Disney Studios Offering Special Quarantine Pricing on Popular ‘Star Wars’ Films

While we’re all self-quarantined at home, you’ve probably burned through every show on your binge-list. Walt Disney Studios is here to help.

Starting this week, Walt Disney Studios is releasing select films for special pricing that people can download and enjoy. New titles release each week, organized by theme. For example, this week’s theme is feel-good movies.

For Star Wars fans, they’ve given us a special week – April 28th to May 4th is May the 4th week, and includes every saga film, and the two anthology films. There’s also a bundle deal for the saga films, but the price is not listed.

Now, there are two important facts to note. First, the films are listed at a starting price of $4.99, which means that some will definitely be more expensive (probably The Rise of Skywalker). The other thing is this – if you have Disney+, almost all of the Star Wars films are available to you, as well as films in the other categories. 

Check out Walt Disney Studios’ press release at CBR.com, and see the selection for yourself! They lay out every film for every week, so you can plan ahead with family or friends for a digital movie night. Enjoy, everyone!

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