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Gianni Aliotti and Sam Witwer Talk ‘Clone Wars’

The final season of The Clone Wars is approaching its end – the last episode is on a May the 4th – but it may not be the end of Clone Wars content.

Lighting and FX Supervisor of Lucasfilm, Gianni Aliotti, tweeted on Friday in appreciation of the fans, and also gave us a little tease:

More what, exactly? It definitely won’t be more Clone Wars episodes, because this is the actual final season. But maybe they’re creating some one-off adventures of our favorite characters from the series. Maybe we’ll get a batch of random episodes. Who’s to say?

In other Clone Wars news, Sam Witwer recently spoke with Star Wars Holocron about the final season, and returning to play the iconic Darth Maul.

He also gave some insight to George Lucas’s opinion on the direction of the show. “George [Lucas] has been calling Dave and giving him nice little comments on the episodes,” he told Holocron. 

This is good to hear. The Clone Wars is the last surviving Star Wars project that came from Lucas himself. To quote Witwer, “…I really hope he likes our finale because that’s where it all counts.”

Keep tuning in to Disney+ on Fridays for the final three episodes! 

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