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The Rest of ‘Clone Wars’ Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

After last week’s Clone Wars episode, Old Friends Not Forgotten, it was widely acclaimed to be one of the best, if not the best Clone Wars episode ever released. As for myself, I totally agree. Striking the perfect chord in nearly all aspects of what a Star Wars fan could wish for, it’s hard to imagine that it could only get better. At least, that’s what Gianni Aliotti told fans yesterday to expect.

Maybe it’s all a marketing ploy to attract new Disney+ subscribers, but in this case, I highly doubt it. Lucasfilm has done a fabulous job in giving Star Wars fans what they want, and sometimes, more than what they want.

Even Sam Witwer got in on the action during one of his live Twitch streams where he talked about what’s coming next for Clone Wars:

“The next episode may blow your mind a little bit. The next episode after that is gonna have stuff you’ve never seen in Clone Wars or Star Wars before. Then the episode after that is just insane.”

Sam Witwer

Quite frankly, I don’t know how much more my mind can handle. A mind can only be blown so many times before I go into one of my all too regular Star Wars comas. Maybe I need to take Jordan Maison’s advice and take a “deep breath.”

As you can see, the best is yet to come. Sit down, relax, and grab your favorite Star Wars pillow before you hit the floor from your mind being blown–once again.

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