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Baby Yoda’s Popularity Came as No Surprise to Pedro Pascal

The rise of Baby Yoda’s popularity from the Disney+ Star Wars hit TV series, The Mandalorian, was a surprising one, but to someone like Pedro Pascal, it came as no surprise.

In an article by Yahoo! Movies UK, Pedro Pascal made his thoughts apparent regarding his famous co-star, Baby Yoda.

We have to talk about Baby Yoda. Did you guys know when you were making it that he would become what he has become in terms of his online popularity as a character?

I did. I can’t bring myself to lie and be like “we had no idea of the sensation that he would be”. We never talked about it being a sure thing, but I unconsciously kept to myself that the very first time I saw the image in the illustration during that first meeting, I was like “oh my God, people are going to lose their mind over that”. So basically it was no surprise.”

Pedro Pascal

Pascal went on further to discuss what it was like to work with the $5 million dollar asset in comparison to just a CG character.

What was it like working with that character on the set?

It was incredible just to see how talented the departments are. It was just unbelievable, from the production design to the company, Legacy Effects, that created the doll and so many of the props and creatures. There’s all the history they bring to it from the other films and from their experiences on other films. You’re among the best and so you just really have to make yourself a passenger to that.

To see them care for the doll and also find different ways for it to express itself and become an incredible scene partner is incredibly fascinating. It’s a pretty adorable thing.”

Pedro Pascal

While Baby Yoda and the entire Mandalorian TV series have been labeled as a cultural phenomenon, just like how A New Hope was back in 1977, I expect Baby Yoda’s popularity to continue to grow as the second season’s October release approaches.

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