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Character Study: Admiral Trench

EWWWWW!!!!!!! A SPIDER!!!!!!! KILL IT!!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!!  Many have tried and he was presumed dead a few times until it could finally be confirmed. More on that later…. Admiral Trench was a Harch from the planet Secundus Ando. A harch is basically an arachnid that walks upright on their two back legs. This Harch was a fearless admira who showed no mercy on the battlefield.

Trench was involved in many major battles during the Clone Wars for the Separatists. One of which was the Battle of Malastare Narrows where he was presumed dead after his first flash was destroyed. The next major battle was at Christophis, where he became a navy officer for The Confederacy of Independent Systems. During this battle, where once again he was presumed dead, the Republic used an experimental stealth ship to trick him into blowing his own ship up, the Invincible.

Once again, Trench was thought dead, but he showed up at Ringo Vinda fitted with cybernetic parts. This time, he survived and was able to capture clone trooper Tup. Tup had killed his Jedi General and Count Dooku was informed and wanted the clone trooper brought to him. This was to prevent the Galactic Republic from prematurely discovering “Order 66.”

The final battle Admiral Trench participated in was The Battle of Anaxes. In his final battle he was completely on the offensive. He had the Republic forces pinned down and unable to keep hold of the valuable shipyards. With the help of Clone Force 99, Captain Rex, Anakin Skywaker, and the newly found and thought to be dead clone trooper Echo, they were able to stop Trench’s forces. Anakin drove his lightsaber through his chest thus ending the arachnid’s terror in the galaxy.

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