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‘Battlefront III’ Has Fallen

EA has released the final update for Battlefront II, including new character skins and the highly-anticipated Rogue One planet, Scarif. With yesterday’s announcement that this is the last update ever for the game, fans were left unhappy, yet grateful at the same time. When Battlefront II launched in 2017, the gameplay was relatively raw and underdeveloped despite the campaign mode featuring Iden Versio.

Years later, the game has become one of the most popular multi-player Star Wars games with the addition of new maps, character skins, and so much more. In fact, Battlefront II is my go-to game for quick gameplay and some much-needed R & R. EA has improved the game dramatically over the years and has done a relatively good job in listening to fans wants and concerns.

Today, we have some sad news about any hopes for Battlefront III. Bespin Bulletin has reported that currently, EA has no plans to make Battlefront III.

From what I’ve been hearing there is no Battlefront III. Most of the team at DICE working on Battlefront II will be shifted to Battlefield 2021, a game that EA are determined to make a return to form following the disappointing Battlefield V in 2018 and as I have exclusively reported in the past, EA’s next two Star Wars games are EA Motive’s combat flight simulator- Project Maverick releasing in 2021, in 2022 we will see the sequel to Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order and in 2023 the deal between EA and Lucasfilm comes to an end. It’s very possible that EA and Lucasfilm come to an agreement, that EA will hold onto the Star Wars license for longer but even if that’s the case, work on another Star Wars title after the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel will not begin until a new deal is set in stone. So, in the hypothetical world that EA and Lucasfilm reach an agreement, a third entry in EA’s Battlefront series wouldn’t arrive until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest but like I said that’s hypothetical…do hopes up.”

Bespin Bulletin

If you loved or even enjoyed Battlefront II just a little bit, go and thank DICE for the tremendous work they’ve done. Yeah, I know, it’s a bummer. Its ending was quite abrupt and with rumors that Ahsoka and Asajj Ventress were going to be added to the game, this certainly wasn’t the best way to end its run. Personally, I’m not very happy with the way it ended. Maybe I’m the only one experiencing this issue on PC, but the update left the game unplayable at times with the game abruptly closing occasionally. Hopefully, technical support will continue to work out the kinks. All in all, let’s be grateful for what we’ve got and continue to support the team that brought the game out of the darkness and into the light.

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