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Get Ready to Be ‘Shattered’ From ‘Clone Wars: Shattered’

Disney gave us a peek at some stills from the upcoming episode of The Clone Wars, titled Shattered. They even threw in a bonus clip, because they’re kind like that.

Check out the stills – we get more Bo Katan, and some moments with Ahsoka and the clones, and with Rex.

The short preview clip shows us a touching scene between Ahsoka and Rex, with Ahsoka singing the clones’ praises. This is going to make Order 66 that much more painful. 

Here’s the clip Disney released.

We know from Rebels that Rex manages to remove the chip from his brain that initiates Order 66, but we don’t know how, or when, or what Ahsoka’s role is. 

And with the story speeding along through the plot of Revenge of the Sith, the likelihood of us seeing Vader make an appearance is high. If we see Order 66 this week, that means Anakin has already pledged himself to Palpatine. 

Oh, man None of us are emotionally ready for what Friday will bring!

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