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Status of ‘Star Wars Celebration’ to Be Made in ‘Coming Weeks’

Star Wars Celebration has been on the minds of many Star Wars fans due to the recent coronavirus outbreak that has affected the livelihood of millions. Big name events like San Diego Comic-Con, E3 and Apple WDCC have been canceled because of it. Since Star Wars Celebration isn’t until late August (4 months away from now), many are hoping that things will be back to normal by then. Lucasfilm has been relatively quiet on the state of Star Wars Celebration, but today, we finally have an update surrounding its status.

According to StarWars.com, the memo states:

Although this doesn’t seem like much of an update, at least we aren’t left in the dark still as to what’s going on in the decision-making process at Lucasfilm. As per the report, “announcements about the status of the event will be made in the coming weeks as we review the most up to date guidance from state and local health officials.”

Let’s hope and pray that this virus passes quickly so Star Wars fans and the entire world can safely return to their normal activities. Stay tuned here as this story progresses in the coming weeks.

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