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We’re Losing the Battlefront!

Yesterday the Star Wars Gaming Universe was rocked, Dice, the company behind Battlefield V and Battlefront II, recently disclosed that the latest update for the game will be their last. Honestly, I saw this coming with new gens and the end of the Skywalker Saga. Unfortunately, there aren’t any more stories to tell in a big update. I am sad that we won’t see Asajj Ventress or even Ahsoka grace the Battlefield: those two additions I believe would have been the cherry on top. Even with the bad news, there is a ray of hope out there: this could mean that they are starting the early workings of a better more cohesive Battlefront III. Now that they’ve learned from their mistakes after that abysmal launch day and first year, they can only exceed our expectations of what’s to come next. 

In the latest update, we will finally see the Battle of Scarif in a new HD format with all the upgrades that the game has come out with. Even more so we get more skins from The Rise of Skywalker and the most wanted skin for Darth Maul. YUP, you guessed it, we finally get Maul with his mechanical legs. An added bonus is all cosmetic items that were only unlockable by certain Events are now available through Milestones.  More so, all the map-specific appearances for the Empire can now be selected across the Age of Rebellion Maps. There’s also been a good deal of quality of life updates for players to see additional damage taken from certain Hero characters. 

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Battlefront II has provided me with so many memories, and each update gave me the feeling of hope and being one step closer to really experience the power of the Force. I have made so many friends online and got better each time I played. When I first started out, I couldn’t kill anyone or anything, I was terrible, but now with the help of my friends I can actually get a kill streak and keep killing. It’s their trust in me and my determination to get better that has really propelled me forward with being some-what decent now in Battlefront. So, while the game may be over for updates, the stories to come out from there are far from over. Today starts our adventure into this world, to gather new and old friends alike and bring them to the Battlefront.


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