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Dave Filoni Discusses ‘Clone Wars’ Finale

Dave Filoni answered some questions for Entertainment Weekly about the final arc of The Clone Wars, which comes to a close this Monday – May the 4th. 

EW asked Filoni what questions he tried to answer with these final Clone Wars episodes. His answer is all about the characters. His primary goal was to show the fates of characters like Ahsoka and Rex. “Where were these guys? Ahsoka seemed like she was important, so was she invited to join the Sith? Where was Rex? I felt like that needed an answer because they were…obviously such a big part of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s life.

“George covered Anakin’s story in the film, so I’ve tried to always work in support of that, but then also give a point of view on it that comes from these other characters that know him, or other characters that are around him, while not changing the nature of what George’s messaging for Star Wars was in Anakin’s path,” Filoni told them. 

Filoni tells the stories we don’t see in the films, but he isn’t pulling the material from nowhere. “There’s nothing that I show that wasn’t something that I learned from watching the film or from George,” he elaborated. “I feel a lot of what I’ve brought to light is actually already in the structure of the films themselves and what is said about the Jedi in the film and how they begin to believe their ability to use the Force is somehow being limited. That their vision is clouded.”

The interview is lengthy and full of fascinating insight, so go check it out on EW’s site! 

We’ve only got three days until it all comes to an end. Are you emotionally prepared? I know I’m not.

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