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‘Clone Wars’ Review: ‘Shattered’

It’s finally here. Order 66 is here, it’s heartbreaking – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We start the episode on Mandalore, where clone troopers round up defeated remnants of Maul’s army. Ahsoka and Bo Katan discuss the future of Mandalore; Bo isn’t sure what kind of leadership they need now. War is the only thing she knows, but her sister’s way didn’t exactly work, either.

Ahsoka gets called into a holo-meeting with the Jedi Council. Before she arrives, we see a scene directly pulled from Revenge of the Sith. Mace Windu shares his suspicions about the chancellor, and the Council decides to gauge his intentions based on his reaction to the defeat of Grievous – you guys know the scene.

Ahsoka reports her success to the Council, but makes it clear she isn’t ready to return to the Jedi – “not yet.” Windu drops some hints about Palpatine’s deviousness, and Ahsoka is intrigued, but Mace isn’t giving away details to a civilian. The meeting ends and Yoda offers to send a message to Anakin, which Ahsoka turns down. Yoda signs off by calling her Padawan, and my heart breaks just a little.

Interestingly, she says nothing to the Council about Maul’s information about Anakin. Rex takes note, but Ahsoka brushes it off.

Maul is escorted by Katan into Republic captivity. He’s locked in a specialized container made for Force-users, something the Mandalorians used quite often- once upon a time. Katan and Ahsoka say goodbye, and suddenly I want them ruling Mandalore together. What a team that would be!

We see the sweet scene between Rex and Ahsoka that was teased earlier this week. You know, the one where Ahsoka says the good thing to come out of the war was the existence of the clones. You know, the one that broke my heart just a little more. The clones were bred to be pawns in a war they didn’t cause. They’ve become part of the family, and knowing what’s coming, what their ultimate purpose is – it’s all too much.

Rex gets called away for a briefing – the briefing – and all hell breaks loose.

Maul and Ahsoka share a vision – or rather, they hear that scene between Anakin, Mace, and Palpatine. The audio is pulled directly from Revenge of the Sith, and man, hearing Hayden Christensen in the show hits hard. So, Mace is dead, Anakin turns, and Palpatine executes Order 66.

Rex and the clones close in on Ahsoka, but Rex breaks through the chip long enough to give Ahsoka a clue. “Find him. Find Fives!” Ahsoka battles her way out of trouble, and the clones go on the hunt. A couple troopers go to kill Maul, but Ahsoka saves him and they discuss the clones’ betrayal. Ahsoka sets him loose to cause a diversion while she carries out her plan.

With the help of some astromech droids, Ahsoka learns about the inhibitor chips from Fives’ file. They manage to isolate Rex and get him to the med bay to remove his chip. Ahsoka locates it by connecting with Rex and chanting Chirrut Imwe’s prayer – “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” They successfully remove it, and Rex informs Ahsoka that every clone ever created has this inhibitor chip. The Jedi are in big trouble, and we end the episode on that grim note.

This is the Ahsoka content we’ve been waiting for, folks. While she needed the character building in the Martez arc, we wanted this – cunning, resourceful, dangerous, and fearless. Ahsoka genuinely impacts everyone she interacts with, and we can see it here. Bo Katan respects her, Maul recognizes her potential, and Rex – sweet, wonderful, loyal Rex- fought through his inhibitor chip just to help her. She truly gets to shine in this episode, and in this arc. And to have Yoda call her Padawan – he hasn’t given up on her, after all.

We’re nearing the end, now, and we know how it goes. While Order 66 is heartbreaking to watch, they didn’t show us the death of every Jedi- a small mercy. An encounter between Anakin – Vader – and Ahsoka feels inevitable, but when would it fit in? Will Ahsoka be able to speak to Obi-Wan again? And let’s not forget, Maul is still running around, loose on the ship. There are many things to tie up in the final episode, and it’s going to be an emotional ride.

We’ll see you on the other side.

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