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Finn is Definitely ‘Strong in the Force’

John Boyega sat down yesterday for a virtual chat with Jake Hamilton to discuss Star Wars, Finn, and his Force-sensitivity. 

In the interview, Hamilton asks if Finn is a Jedi. Boyega doesn’t answer that directly, but confirms that yes, Finn is definitely able to experience the Force.

According to Boyega, they actually filmed a scene where Rey and Finn discuss his Force-sensitivity. In the scene, Boyego says, “Rey stopped him and said ‘Finn, I-I knew for a long time, since the moment I met you, that you were strong in the Force.’”

It’s nice to get some confirmation from the actor, but disappointing to not see that footage! Fans suspected since opening night that Finn’s big news for Rey would concern his strength in the Force, and now we know for sure. 

You can check out the entire interview on Jake Hamilton’s YouTube channel.

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